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Slewing drives can be used in many different applications! The slewing drive technology is based on worm gear mechanisms. The worm gear meshes precisely with the slewing bearing in order to guarantee a smooth rotation of the unit. This combination reduces the speed but multiplies its torque, which makes them suitable for applications that require both load-holding strength and rotational torque at the same time.

CAMM Drive provide its customers with a compact, robust design which is ready-to-install. The worm gear input can be matched with any type of motor shaft, which makes it possible to install any kind of hydraulic or electric motor. Slewing drives come in a variety of model sizes, performance ranges and mounting characteristics. Our product range goes from 180mm to 1080mm (OD) and contain both ‘open’ as a fully enclosed iron casted housing. The enclosed housing guarantees a reliable, low-maintenance operation without loss of lubrication, as well as protection against environmental influences.

Manufacturing technologies enables us to reduce the clearance (backlash) between the worm gear and slewing ring to a maximum. Our self-locking gears assure the drive will hold in position, even if the unit is mounted in a vertical position. The usage of an expensive external braking system is not necessary.

Low weight version

  •  Apart from the standard series, we developed an aluminum ‘ low weight’ slewing drive version.
  • This version reduces the weight of the system without losing significant load capacities.
  • The implementation of a slewing drive will reduce the number of components and improve the installation time considerably.
  • The slew drive will replace the traditional bearing, pinion, and planetary gearbox.
  • This is not only cost-effective but it will save space and installation time.
  • CAMM Driveability to customize slewing bearings is unique, this comes along with our philosophy; advise and support OEM manufacturers throughout the entire engineering and production process.
  • A team of experienced engineers is available to propose you innovative and customized solutions, meeting your most demanding specifications by using the latest calculation software as well as finite element analysis.
  • Our slew drives are interchangeable with all major brands!

Slewing Drive benefits

  • Compact design  
  • Ready-to-install
  • Weight reduced designs
  • Outer Diameter from 
  • Single/Dual worm
  • Single/Double row bearing
  • IP55/IP65 sealing
  • Clearance (backlash) controlled
  • Open/Enclosed housing
  • Self-locking gearset
  • Efficiency 40%
  • Speed: up to 2.5 RPM (depending on design)
  • QPQ treatment on the worm and bearing gear
  • Coating Class C3 ~ C5
  • Cost-effective

CAMM Drive develops and manufactures slewing drives together with carefully selected industry partners. The quality of the slewing rings is guaranteed by producing strictly under international recognised production and quality standards.

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